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Do you know what leaky gut syndrome is? Well, it is a disorder that affects your small intestine mainly. However, it also affects different parts of the bodies because the symptoms of leaky gut can manifest in many areas of the body.

I said that it affects the small intestine because that's where the damage is when you have leaky gut. Leaky gut is described accurately by it's name. "Leaky" meaning there are leaks in your "gut." The gut leaks many kinds of substances that are harmful to your overall health.

These substances or toxins or harmful bacteria will cause your health to deteriorate in the long run. At first, there will be numerous symptoms    that you will experience. These symptoms are mild at first but slowly, they will start appearing more often and as your leaky gut becomes worse, more serious symptoms will manifest.

Of course, these symptoms can be taken care of but most people do is that they concentrate on getting rid of the symptoms instead of checking if there are other serious diseases that are causing these symptoms. This is a huge mistake because if the main cause is left untreated, it will become a cycle of getting symptoms-medication-get another set of symptoms-another set of medication and so forth.

This is tolerable if it is just like that however, with leaky gut syndrome, as the disorder gets worse, the worse the symptoms are and ultimately, the symptoms that will appear are downright incurable or deadly.

That's why we cannot stress enough the importance of dealing with or treating leaky gut as soon as possible.

Leaky Gut Diet and Treatment

The best way to cure leaky gut is to follow a leaky gut diet. After all, this is a disorder of the digestive tract so it would be obvious that the best way to heal it is to change your diet for the better. The better the foods that you eat, the more your gut will repair itself and ultimately reinforce itself enough to overcome leaky gut.

The diet that you should follow is not just a simple diet where you need to eat healthy foods in order to restore the gut's integrity. There are certain foods that you need to consume regularly because these foods contain healing properties that will definitely help the gut to heal. Some examples are fish because they contain essential fatty acids that will help in the relief of inflammation in the gut. Another is unpasteurized yogurt because these contain live cultures that will help in the balance of bacteria in the gut.

While you will be eating certain foods, you also need to avoid certain foods because they can damage the gut. Among those foods are packaged or processed foods such as hotdogs, sausages, canned goods and many more, as long as they are easily prepared. These foods contain chemicals that damage the gut and preservatives that can irritate the gut. These are just some samples of foods that you need to avoid.

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