The Right Leaky Gut Syndrome Diet

05/07/2013 13:49

When you have leaky gut syndrome, you will experience lots of problems with your body. The small intestine is the body organ that is affected by this disorder. Your small intestine will develop holes that will let undigested foods and other harmful and deadly substances to enter the bloodstream. It’s scary just to think about it.

When these substances make their way inside our body via the bloodstream, you’re going to develop many symptoms such as food allergies, skin infections and diseases, digestive problems and many more. You are even in danger of developing auto immune disorders because the immune system will be worn out trying to get rid of these substances in the bloodstream.

The most common leaky gut cause is your diet. Also, the best way to treat leaky gut is to correct that diet with the right leaky gut diet. You need to control this disorder as soon as you can because if you let it linger and go untreated, complications will arise.

Leaky Gut Diet

Eat foods that contain fiber. Samples are fruits and vegetables. Along with them, nuts, seeds and grains are also good. Fiber rich foods are essential in eliminating waste from the body and along with the waste, toxins and bacteria are eliminated.

Garlic is good for you so eat them. Leeks and onion are also good. What these three have in common is that they can fight off yeast that are in the intestinal tract. These can also help lower cholesterol level so they are generally healthy for you.

Water should be your go to beverage. Yes, it’s tempting to drink other drinks such as coffee, alcohol and sodas but you should restrain yourself from drinking them exclusively. These beverages are known to irritate the gut with their ingredients.

You can also eat meat and other foods but make sure they are clean and if possible, organic or natural.

Avoid These Foods

Sugary foods are bad for you if you eat too much of them. Yeast is present in the digestive tract and if you eat too much sugar, you are helping it increase in number because sugar is their number one food source.

Avoid foods that contain too many artificial ingredients like preservatives. Some samples are foods that come in a package or processed foods.

The best way to eliminate leaky gut syndrome is to follow a leaky gut diet that conforms with the proper leaky gut syndrome treatment.